Best Spotting Scope to buy in 2020

Best Spotting ScopeWe compared best spotting scope on market for you to buy in 2020.

If you are looking for better magnification, Images or any other upgrade for your current spotting scope you’ve come to right place.

Today we’ll compare some of the best models! There is no doubt that a great spotting scope makes activities such as bird-watching and hunting painless and fun.

Did you know that these tools offer better clarity any other optic equipment in the market?

This detailed guide provides unbiased information and objective reviews.

This Guide will help you to purchase the best spotting Scope possible!

The market is crowded by varying types made by different manufacturers. This makes it challenging to select the right one. Making the right choice therefore requires detailed and thorough research. This comprehensive guide will come in handy in helping you make an informed decision. It is important to know what to look for when choosing a spotting scope.

Be sure to match your needs with features of every spotting scope in this list

Important features to consider when buying a spotting scope include price, magnification and eyepiece. Body style and design, quality of the objective lens and lens coating are vital. The tripod, ease of use and durability must also be taken into consideration.

Comprehensive review of 8 of the Best Spotting Scopes in 2020

1.Kowa Prominar ED 66MM Scope– Spotting Scope For Birding

Kowa Prominar, adds this spotting scope to its 2018 lineup. It features outstanding optics and excellent tight controls. The appealing exterior is same as that of others made by this Japanese company.

This high performing 66mm spotting scope features a rugged construction. It is made using strong and lightweight poly-carbonate materials.

The ultimate result is a rigid and sturdy structure that not only endures hard and consistent use. This best birding scopes can withstand the bump or fall without getting damaged.

It has a well-thought out design that features user-friendly shape coupled with rubberized coating. This makes it ergonomic and hence easy to handle even for long periods of time. Furthermore, this handheld spotting scope is also waterproof and fog proof.

The Kowa Prominar ED 66MM is completely filled with dry nitrogen gas. The benefit of this gas is preventing the lens from fogging. This enables the lens to remain clear even in harsh weather.

 Key Features:

  • High Specifications with Prominar ED lenses.
  • Waterproof to JIS class 7 protection standards.
  • Constructed of strong, lightweight polycarbonate materials.
  • Several eyepieces (sold separately) to fit most any spotting.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • At only 53.6 ounces and a length of 13.5 inches this spotting scope is extremely light. This makes it easy to use and carry around.
  • The Kowa Prominar comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You only qualify if you buy from authorized North American dealers.
  • Since it is made from high-quality materials, it is extremely durable.
  • Highly versatile as it can be used for a variety of activities ranging from hunting to bird watching.
  • The only shortcoming of this spotting scope is that it can be hard and complicated to use.
  • Especially for a beginner since it does not come with a manual.

If you are in the market for a spotting scope with a sleek and stylish design, high functionality and extreme durability then this devise is a viable choice. It will definitely give you your money’s worth.

2. Kowa Prominar ED 88MM Scope – Editors Recommendation!

Yet another stellar optic device manufactured by Kowa Prominar. This is one of the greatest performing spotting scopes in the current market.

Just like the high performing 66mm, it is also characterized by rugged construction and high end specifications. This makes it ideal for professional use.

Its robust construction is done impeccably using strong and light weight polycarbonate materials. Aside from being durable it is also able to withstand the occasional bump or fall.

The well-though out design includes nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging. This makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions such as rain.

Users also have the option of purchasing several eye pieces that are sold separately. These can come in handy to replace malfunctioning ones. They also cater for users with highly-specific needs. It comes with a protective case that is easy to carry around.

  • It gives you a great way to enjoy high-end optics at a reasonable price.
  • Quality of image is extremely clear even in foggy and humid weather.
  • The 80mm is sufficient diameter that gives this spotting scope exceptional light gathering abilities. This help in ensuring that all images are impressively clear.
  • Finally, it beats most of the competition in it price range thanks to its affordability and incredible quality of construction.
  • Although it has excellent features, it is highly priced making it expensive if you are on a tight budget.
  • Most users complain that using it for a long time is strenuous to the eyes.

 The effectiveness of this Scope is quite a surprise since most dismiss it as just a forgettable optic made-in-China device. It surpasses expectations both in functionality, convenience and durability. Best choice if you are short on cash. The durable materials can survive consistent use and the occasional fall.

3. Sightron 20-60x85HD-S SII– Best Hunting Spotting Scope

This spotting scope is high functioning and has a fully multi coated lens. You will be probably be surprised that it comes at an extremely affordable price. If you are in the market for a reasonably priced scope, Sightron 20-20X85HD will definitely end your search.

Even in low light environment, it is able to deliver image brightness that matches that of a fully-sized binocular. Since the magnification goes up to 60X, this device still has a great resolution.

 It reveals details barely noticeable in other spotting scopes in the same price range. 20-60X magnification and lens diameter of 85mm.

If you are frustrated at the poor quality of images when you zoom in using a small spotting scope, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The view is nearly as clear when the magnification 60X as it is when the magnification is 20X. Pretty awesome huh!

The Sightron 20-60x85HD is armored with black rubber and waterproof properties for added protection. It is not only user friendly but also suitable for most environments.

  • At only 19X7X5 inches and 6.6 ounces, thus spotting scope is light. This makes it easy to use and convenient to carry around.
  • Extremely visually appealing.
  • The black finish is sleek and stylish.
  • Made from a high quality material that is invulnerable to premature wear and tear.
  • Although it is waterproof, its vision can be distorted during windy and foggy conditions.
  • Despite high functionality it is not the best looking spotting scope in the current market.

This device is definitely worth your money. It will not disappoint whether you are intending to use it for hunting or bird watching. Armed with revolutionary specifications and fantastic functionality, it definitely deserves a mention as one of the best.

4. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 – Spotting Scope Under 500

Bushnell Legend Ultra HDThe impressive scope is constructed on a similar philosophy as other impressive Bushnell devices. It guarantees exceptional field performance at a reasonable price.

One of its impressive features is the ED Prime extra low dispersion glass. This special glass helps enhance clarity and improves contrast substantially.

It is equipped with premium bac-4 prisms and fully coated optics. These come in handy in improving the quality of the images. It is great for use in harsh weather conditions and environment of low light.

It features stacked-dual focus control that enables you to make fine and rapid tuning adjustments. Such adjustments help boost the quality and clarity of an image. This bird watching scopes also has a state-of-the-art ultra effective rain guard.

Has zoom eye piece that is angled at 45 degrees. This makes it extremely easy to view images while in a sitting position. It is extremely easy to use when observing images from a different height.

All the lenses are made from quality high density glass that comes in handy in enhancing color. This special glass also provides high contrast and considerably elevated resolution. The fully multi coated lenses help to boost light transmission.

  • The clarity of images is impeccable even in foul weather conditions.
  • The resolution is outstanding whether the magnification is at 20X or at 60X.
  • It is made from high quality materials. These materials are insusceptible to damage even when used consistently.
  • At 80.1ounces, it is light enough to be used and carried around.
  • With this spotting scope, you are guaranteed reduced eyestrain.
  • The fully-multi coated optics that help decrease both glare and light-loss caused by reflection.
  • To top it off, this easy to use device also comes with a soft and protective carrying case.
  • This Legend Ultra HD spotting scope has many features and specifications that make it quite complicated to use.

This is an impressive spotting scope by all measure and standards. If you seek is high functionality and durability, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD has got you covered.

5. Bushnell Trophy XLT  20-60x 65mm – Top Spotting Scope For The Money

Bushnell-Trophy-XLTYet another great spotting scope by Bushnell that is worth your money. All the air-to-glass surfaces are characterized by anti-reflective coating. It is also equipped with fully multi coated optical systems. These help that ensure the quality of all the images are bright.

The fully multi coated optical systems also improves resolution considerably. It also has anti-reflective coating ensures a small percentage of light is lost before it reaches the users’ eyes.

This spotting scope is also nitrogen purged. O-ring sealed making it both waterproof and fog proof. This piece of equipment can completely withstand immersion in water.

All the interior optical surfaces of this device do not fog. The zoom feature is also high-functioning as it enables you to zoom in for higher resolution. You can also zoom out for wider view simply at the touch of a button. The Trophy XLT also has a sturdy, rugged and rubber armored housing. This housing that makes it both ergonomic and invulnerable to wear and tear.

  • The spotting scope makes use of extra-low diversion glass to ensure there is no color fringing.
  • Although it is extremely easy to use and carry it still offers an optimum magnification of 60X.
  • Since it is both water proof and fog proof, it suitable for use in harsh weather conditions.
  • This spotting scope is both easy to use and the set up is extremely simple.
  • With all its excellent specifications and outstanding features, it only weighs a meager 42.3 ounces. This makes it light enough to carry around without straining.
  • It comes with a premium hard-side case together with a compact tripod at no additional cost.
  • There is a wide-spread complaint that this spotting scope in vulnerable to breakage and needs careful handling.

Bushnell is an industry leader that has been in the market for over 50 years. This product is in line with this company’s objective which is to produce reliable, effective and affordable optics.

6.) Redfield 114651Rampage 20-60x80mm Angled – Spotting Scope Reviews

Redfield-Rampage-Angled-Spotting-ScopeHas a magnification range from 20X to 60 X that makes it perfect for many outdoor activities. No matter the magnification power you use you can be guaranteed that the resolution will be pretty high,

It is excellent mid-range spotting scope that does not jeopardize great performance for affordability. It is made from high-quality poly-carbonate housing. This device is made from a material that is sturdy, rigid and long-lasting even when consistently used.

The rubber armored housing is incredibly helpful as it helps to ensure a non-slip grip. This makes this device extremely easy to set up. Even beginners who have no experience will enjoy using this scope. Its angled body design also features water and fog resistant seals.

  • Extremely affordable even if you are in a tight budget; even at its price the features are still reliable.
  • Has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.
  • The rubber armored housing helps avoid constant loosing grip that is a huge issue with spotting scopes in this price range.
  • At a meager 6.3 ounces, it is extremely light and convenient to carry around.
  • The quality of materials used to make this device is low hence vulnerable to premature wear and tear.
  • Susceptible to breakage hence not very durable if used consistently.
  • Needs to be handles with extreme care which is sometimes challenging.
  • Many users have reported that the seal used for water and fog resistance is not very reliable.

If you are going for affordability that does not compromise on functionality then this is an ideal choice. Great if you intend to use it once in a while for pastime activities. Among scopes that offer the best functionality at an affordable price. Generally, a great investment if you are on a budget…

7. Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm – Best Affordable Spotting Scope

It is a wonder that at it’s reasonably affordably price, it comes with a high-quality 100mm objective lens. Although cheap, this scope that will mesmerize you with its functionality. This Konus scope is arguably the best when it comes to performance in its price range.

In fact it serves as prove that a cheap price tag does not necessarily mean lack luster performance. Even in a dim-lit environment, it still has the capability to deliver great images with the same brightness as that of a full-sized binocular.

The new version features better prisms and an attractive green exterior. This exterior is completely waterproof and a magnification range that reaches 60X. The resolution is incredibly high even when the image is highly magnified.

This spotting scope comes with both a carrying case and camera adapter at no additional cost. Despite, its affordability, the field of view is 1000M/YDS. Another impressive feature is that is armored with an alloy metal body for increased protection. Pretty cool huh!

  • It has a sleek and stylish design that is appealing.
  • Invulnerable to wear and tear and also long lasting.
  • Considering its cheap price, it delivers high functionality and great resolution and visual clarity.
  • Aside from the rubber armoring and metal body being rainproof and fog proof, it is also anti-shock.
  • Weighs a meager 5.3 pounds hence very convenient to use and carry around.
  • It is not fog proof meaning the image is greatly distorted in a foggy or high humid environment.The image quality cannot meet professional standards.

Only useful for fun pastime activities that do not require extreme accuracy

Although price always translates to great quality when it comes to spotting scopes, this particular goes against that notion as it is still reliable and performs reasonably well.

8.) Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope (Black) – Spotting Scope Under 200

Celestron-52268-C90-Mak-Spotting-scope This reasonably priced device is part of the next generation highly functional F-ED spotting scopes manufactured by Regal. It is convenient for use both during the day and at night. It offers razor-sharp images even from long distances. This makes it ideal for bird watching and observing nature.

The Celestron 52268 offers outstanding high power optics despite being affordable. Additionally, has a focal length of 1250mm that ensures no trace of chromatic aberration which distorts images.

The standard equipment is able to deliver only a 39X magnification. The good news is that you have the option of purchasing other pieces for magnification. The true beauty of this spotting scope is that it offers an incredible 90mm view.

If you are on a shoe-string budget this is definitely a worthwhile investment that will be reasonably functional and durable if handled carefully.

What have we learned from Spotting Scope to buying guide?

The most important lesson this guide teaches is important factors to take into consideration when choosing a spotting scope. You should be very careful with the following 5 factors before making a purchase..

Price range

Always set your budget before beginning your search. When it comes to these tools, a higher price value typically translates to better optics. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot find a cheap but still high functioning scope.

Magnification power

This is another important consideration that most people overlook. Keep in mind that the stronger the magnification, the more detailed your vision.

The quality of the objective lens

It is important to look at lens quality even before considering the size of the lens. A larger lens typically cost more. If you have money, a large lens of high quality is the right choice.


Spotting scopes perform dismally unless they are steady. When choosing a tripod, is important to consider the intended use.

Lens Coating

When it comes to lens coating, you have three options to pick from. These are; multi coated, fully-multi coated and multi coated. This feature is extremely important because it affects how light is transmitted to the lens.

You Should Be Careful With:

  • Impulse buying

A good spotting scope is a costly purchase. It is therefore important to beware of false or exaggerated advertising. Instead research and seek information from knowledgeable sources. Ensure all the advertised features are actually present before making a purchase.

  • Warranties

Tread carefully when it comes to warranties. It is advisable to go for scopes with a lifetime warranty. Such a warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product. No warranty is a big red flag that should not be ignored.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions about buying A Spotting Scope

Q. What kind of spotting scope should I use if I wear glasses?

A. In this case, you need a scope with extended eye relief.

Q. What is eye relief?

A. It is simply the distance you can hold a scope away from the eyes and still get a full view.

Q. Which type of spotting scope is appropriate for observing quick moving objects such as birds and wildlife?

A. For watching quick moving objects, you need a scope with a wide field of view.

Q. Should I buy an angled or straight spotting scope?

A. An angled scope enables you to look down or up at images without adjusting the height. A straight scope is great for watching objects at your height. This is because your eyes remain at the same level with the object you are observing.

Q.What is the main difference between high end scope and cheaper ones?

A. High end spotting scopes typically offer high optical performance compared to cheaper ones. They are also made using more durable materials.

Q. Are there specific scopes for outdoor and indoor use?

A. Indoor use needs a scope that offers extreme brightness in a dim-lit environment. On the other hand outdoor activities require weatherproof scopes that have rubber arms for added protection. Most of this typically feature lens protection to avoid condensation that distorts visibility.

Wrapping it up

Considering how crowded the market of spotting scopes is, choosing the right scope is an up-hill task. This information will ensure you posses extensive comprehension and complete familiarity with the best scopes. Our hope is that this guide will come in handy in helping you make an informed decision and a worthwhile investment. The rule of thumb when buying a spotting scope is:

  • Knowing exactly what you want.
  • Setting a budget and doing exhaustive research.