Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review

The Leupold gold ring spotting scope comes with impressive features such as high-resolution images and high magnification for range viewing. These features make the spotting scope appropriate when there is a need for additional magnification.

The spotting scope is suitable for activities such as hunting, viewing landscape, distant surveillance among other functions. This review will focus on the spotting scope`s features, benefits, and disadvantages. Also, an appropriate recommendation will be made based on the spotting spot`s effectiveness, and value added.

Features of Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review

100% Fog and waterproof

​The Leupold Golden Ring 20-60x80mm Spotting scope comes with a reinforced magnesium housing and a hard-sided solid case. These features together with the lens protectors are effective in protecting the spotting scope. The spotting scope`s protective features help guard it against the risk of water, fog or mist. This gives you the freedom to use your spotting scope without the fear of damages due to moisture or other factors. I find this feature appropriate, especially since the spotting scope is commonly used in the outdoors. The water and fog proof characteristics give you freedom to view distant objects even in the rain. All you have to do is ensure you have adequately sealed the lenses.

Prism-Less Light Path system

This is a fantastic feature that is bound to go well with range spotters. To further explain, the Folded Light Path (FLP) system uses the mirror of the lens to compress lengthy optical systems. The field of view is not an issue when it comes to the device as it can minimize long distances by up to half the actual length. This enables you to capture any moment from literally any position. Visibility of the spotting scope is enhanced by its prism-less feature. The prism-less feature facilitates distant viewing without the need for additional magnification.

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review
Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review

High-quality optics

With a magnification high of 60.00mm and a linear field of view high of 42.00ft, the viewing device is more than capable of performing over long distances. You do not have to force a view while using this device. This is due to the 40.00mm exit pupil, which gives you enough magnification to view any object within range. My biggest problem with most spotting scopes is the inability of the various brands to capture over long ranges. Low-quality optics end up forcing the user to get closer and risk scaring the subject away (if a bird or animal). Luckily for users, the Leupold gold ring spotting scope optics setup is more than capable of handling long range views.

Compatible with Digital Cameras

This is among my favorite features of the spotting scope. Its compatibility with digital cameras will enable you to take distant photos using a digital camera. This unique feature also allows for the easy transfer and sharing of photos. The Leupold gold ring spotting scope`s compatibility with digital cameras gives you the freedom to take photos and view them with your digital camera. Also, camera photos can be viewed using the spotting scope. This enables you to transfer the data to and from both the devices. Both photography and range viewing have been made easier using the device.

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review
Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review

Light magnesium housing

Having a difficult-to-carry spotting scope might limit the fun and the thrill of viewing objects from preferred distances. As a result of this, the Leupold Gold Ring spotting scope comes with a light magnesium housing. The magnesium housing makes the device portable enough for ease of use. In addition to being light, the magnesium housing has an extra-rugged feel that serves to increase grip on the spotting scope. Whether you are the type that loves adventure or walking for miles before setting up, the spotting scope has got you covered with its lightweight and portable design.

Compact tripod and strapped carrying case

The Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope comes with a fully loaded kit. The spotting scope kit has a hard-sided tough case to protect the device from potential damages. A soft carrying case is also included in the spotting scopes kit. The carrying case is designed to increase comfort, especially when carrying the device during travel. Impressively, the spotting scope also brags of a sturdy tripod designed and hardened to suit outdoor adventures. These features increase the usability of the product as you can carry and use the device from anywhere.

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Review

Benefits of the Product

High-quality viewing:

The spotting scope comes with impressive resolutions and high magnification optics as well. This increases the quality of images viewed while also magnifying the range of view. A feature that enables you to view high-quality distant objects without having to struggle to get closer to the subject.

Portability and Lightweight:

The spotting scope is made of a light material to allow for easy movement usage as well. Among the product`s best features is its portability that allows for ease of transportation. From the compact tripod to the soft cases, handling the spotting scope could never be easier. The light weight enables you to carry the spotting scope for long distances or easily change locations. Check here: Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope Review,

Increased capabilities:

As mentioned earlier, you can share and transfer files to your digital camera and even take photos using the spotting scope. The prism-less system used in the device is vital in increasing the point of view and reducing the margin of error. Outdoor viewing has been made easier because of the high-quality optics employed in the spotting scope. The high image quality is due to the ability of the device to view subjects from long distances. Therefore, this enhances your outdoor experience by giving you the best possible views and angles of the subject.


The spotting scope is relatively difficult to use, especially for first-time users. In a bid to address this issue, the product comes with a user manual. The user guide bears all the necessary information required to train you, your family or friends. This reduces the chances of damaging or mishandling the device.

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope Video Review


The Leupold gold ring spotting scope is well designed to serve its purpose of long range viewing. All the above-mentioned features increase the efficiency of the spotting scope. The device is effective as it can capture images from long ranges and wide field of view as well. Although the product might at first be difficult to use, the user manual will help you learn and develop into an expert handler. From its high-quality lenses to its light weight and portability, the spotting scope is well suited for outdoor usage. I would definitely recommend the product based on its unique features, and the value it adds while viewing various objects.

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