Best Kowa Spotting Scope 2020 – Top 5 Kowa Spotting Scope Reviews

What’s the Best Kowa Spotting Scope?

The Kowa Company was founded back in 1894 in Japan, and is now an international brand providing superior optics technology. Kowa creates a large product range of binoculars, eyepieces, digi-scoping adapters, lenses, and spotting scopes. Outdoor sporting fields like hunting, target shooting, birding, nature observation, wildlife viewing, and other similar activities require excellent spotting scopes and accessories.

These spotting scopes are much more powerful than binoculars, and most can comfortably view very small details up to 500 yards away. These scopes are also designed to be used outdoors, so even though they contain high-quality optical technology, they’re rugged and built to last for many years. They are shipped directly from Japan, but the 10-year warranty also applies to American customers.

The Kowa PROMINAR line of spotting scopes is well made and top of the line in its class. You can choose two spotting scope design styles—the straight scope or the angled scope. Combined with the eyepiece of your choosing, you can have an excellent product you’ll use for all of your outdoor needs.


Kowa Prominar ED 88mm Spotting  Scope - Best Spotting Scope in Budget

The Kowa Prominar ED 88mm Scope is part of the Kowa TSN-880 Series. It is made of very strong, durable, and lightweight polycarbonate materials in a rigid structure.

This gives it the same strength and durability of metal, but with a much lighter weight. It’s a flat, matte army green in color. You actually have the option of choosing either the angled or the straight body spotting scope designs.

It features the Kowa signature fluorite crystal, which increases the optical technology. It has ultra-low light dispersion, almost completely removing chromatic aberration, which causes fringing and color blending; light operates in waves, so at long-range viewing, this causes color distortion the same way heat waves distort and blur.

The PROMINAR series from Kowa works hard to correct these distortion and color problems, with its lens technology. It’s the most optimum optical material.

This is a high-performance 88mm spotting scope, featuring a rugged construction and high-end specifications. It’s also waterproof up to a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) class 7 protection. What this means is that the scope is fully protected against the effects of being temporarily completely submerged in water.

If you drop it into a lake or stream, you can get it out and it will still work. The lens is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging, so when you look through, you shouldn’t see any bubbling, inner condensation, or moisture. In addition, the lens is made of environment-friendly Eco-Glass, so it doesn’t have lead or other harmful chemical additives.

This Kowa spotting scope measures 13.5” in length and it weighs 53.6 oz. The straight scope body design reduces neck strain and is better for stationary positioning, such as at a gun range. The 88-mm angled spotting scope is great for field use with a tripod. It’s very powerful, so you’ll probably want to use it outdoors rather than from indoors looking out. It’s a superior piece of optics.

Both Kowa spotting scope styles come with a dual-focus mechanism, which includes both quick and fine focusing. There’s a large knob that’s easy for you to turn to bring faraway objects and targets quickly into view. Also, the fine focus can be used with precision and pinpoint accuracy to pick out extraordinary close-up detail.

The minimum focusing distance is 16.4 feet, or 5 meters. When you turn either knob, the image focuses smoothly without shaking or jiggling. Focusing is really important if you’re target shooting or at a gun range with long-range targets from 500 yards or more.

One drawback could be the high price. All of its features and technological advancements make this spotting scope much more expensive than other models.

Another negative is that when you purchase either the straight or the angled scope, you’re not buying an eyepiece; eyepieces are sold separately, as are any extra accessories like a bag, tripod, or carrying case. The Kowa Prominar ED 88mm scope only comes with protective lens covers.

Things We Liked

  • The lens and the eye piece are high quality.
  • Produces a clear crisp image.
  • The lens is laced with nitrogen gas which prevents fogging.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Very pricey.

Kowa Prominar ED 66mm Spotting Scope

The Kowa Prominar ED 66-mm spotting scope is part of the Kowa TSN-660 series, and it also comes in either a straight or an angled body version, depending on your preference. It’s similar in specifications, overall construction, and appearance to the 88 mm.

It’s also made of polycarbonate materials with an army green color, and it has a rigid hard outer structure made to be durable in field conditions. It also ensures an ergonomic fit with the rubberized coating on the outside of the scope. However, unlike the TSN-880 series, these spotting scopes do not come with the fluorite crystal lens technology.

This has the advantage of reducing the cost for the scope, but it also reduces the crystal-clear optics as well. All the lenses, prisms, and dust-proof glass are multi-coated, ensuring sharp images.

This scope is waterproof to JIS class 7 protection, just like the 88 mm. It’s not meant to be used underwater, but it can withstand the occasional drop in a lake or stream. The XD lens is also filled with nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.

You can rest assured about using this scope in the rain, sleet, snow, hail, fog, high winds, or any form of adverse weather conditions. At 20x-25x magnification, the optics are clear and also provide excellent viewing in lower light conditions.

This Kowa Prominar ED 66mm spotting scope is 13.5” in length and it weighs 53.6 oz., so it’s exactly the same size and weight as the 88-mm scope. It could be a little on the heavy side for backpackers, hikers, and others who are concerned about the weight of their equipment. The price is much less than the 88 mm.

Also, this spotting scope doesn’t come with an eyepiece, so you’ll have to purchase that separately. It only comes with protective lens covers, with no bag, carrying case, or tripod. Another negative is that when the magnification is up to the full 60x using a separate 20-60x eyepiece, images are reduced in clarity.

Things We Liked

  • Optics are very clear at 20x.
  • Clear images even in low light conditions.
  • Focus knob does not freeze up in cold conditions.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Images quality is not great when using 60x.

Kowa Standard Optics 60mm Scope - Best Spotting Scope Under 500

Whether you choose the angled or the straight body, the Kowa Standard Optics 60mm scope delivers a high performance outdoors in nature. The model number is TSN-601-P, so it’s part of the Kowa TSN-600 series.

It’s ruggedly constructed and made up to Kowa’s high standards, made out of strong, lightweight polycarbonate. It’s a dark pine green, with black accents. The housing is waterproof up to JIS Protection Class 7, which makes it moisture resistant; it is not intended for use underwater.

It’s smaller and lighter than the previous two spotting scope styles, being 11.8” long and weighing 25.9 oz. This makes it excellent for customers looking for a powerful lightweight spotting scope that can be used consistently out in the field.

It’s great for backpackers, hikers, campers, hunters, and scouts. Another positive benefit is that this is the least expensive of the three Kowa spotting scope sizes offered. Those who want to target shoot or spot targets from 100 yards and further will be pleased with this scope.

However, a drawback is that the 60-mm objective lens does not have the crystal-clear fluorite technology. The lens is multi-coated and dust proof, and does a good job gathering light in low-light situations, such as at dawn or dusk.

Another negative is that it only comes with lens covers, not an eyepiece, soft case, hard case, or tripod. You can choose the eyepiece magnification that you want to add to this Kowa scope.

Things We Liked

  • Gathers a lot of light in low-light settings.
  • Clear images, particularly at 100 – 200 yards.
  • Lightweight which makes it ideal if you are hiking.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Eyepiece is not included, and needs to be purchased separately.

Kowa Zoom Eyepiece for 66 mm and 60 mm Spotting Scopes

Kowa sells eyepieces separately from their spotting scopes, so you also need to choose the one that’s best for you. The Kowa Zoom Eyepiece comes in several different sizes to fit the Kowa Prominar spotting scopes that have either 66-mm or 60-mm objective lenses.

Its model number is the Kowa TE-9Z, which makes it compatible with the TSN-600 series, the TSN-660 series, and the TSN-82SV. It can also fit some older model scopes, like the TSN-1/2/3/4 and the TS-610/611.

There are three options: the 20-60x zoom, the 25x long, and the 30x wide. The eye relief for the 20-60x zoom is 16.5-16.0 mm. Its field of view at 1,000 meters is 33.2-17.5 meters.

The relative brightness varies depending on the scope you have. The 25x long eye relief is up to 32.0 mm, and the 30x wide angle eye relief is up to 20 mm. The 30x wide is the most expensive of the three options. These eyepieces work best in the 200-to 400-yard range. Anything beyond that, you’ll probably want to choose the Kowa Long Eye Relief Eyepiece.

This eyepiece does not fit and is not compatible with the TSN-821 or any model with an 88-mm lens. One negative is that some customers have noted it doesn’t have good eye relief.

Another drawback is that the 25x long and the 30x wide are no longer listed on the company website, so they’re no longer being manufactured. All three eyepiece versions come with a rubber cap for protection, and are easily installed onto the spotting scope; they lock firmly into place.

Things We Liked

  • Clear images when zooming from 20x to 60x.
  • Comes with a rubber eye cup which provides some eye relief.
  • Lens is glued into the metal cylinder which appears messy.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some tunnel vision when zooming close to 60x.

Kowa Long Eye Relief Eyepiece Spotting Scope

This Kowa Long Eye Relief Eyepiece, model number TE-20H, is an optional accessory designed to be used with the Kowa TSN-770 or the TSN-880 series spotting scopes. You’ll want to choose a long eye-relief eyepiece which is extremely useful when wearing eyeglasses or for digi-scoping systems.

This is the best Kowa eyepiece for long-range target shooting, in-field hunting, and for wildlife observers. The optics technology features multiple lenses that focus with pinpoint accuracy on targets. The lens has the same Kowa lens standards of a JIS class 7 protection waterproofing with nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.

You can use this eyepiece for many different types of functions, and it comes in three types: the 25x long, the 25x-60x wide, and the 30x wide. The 25x long magnification wide-angle eyepiece has an eye relief of 32 mm and provides you with a field of view ranging from 110 feet at 1,000 yards. This eyepiece comes with an eyepiece locking mechanism, which prevents it from coming apart from the spotting scope or breaking apart; you’re also less likely to lose it.

The 25x-60x wide version of this eyepiece has a smaller eye relief of 17 mm, which remains constant throughout the magnification range. With this eyepiece, you can limit chromatic aberration, which is the fringing effect when colors aren’t contrasted enough at higher magnifications. Even at 60x magnification and at long distances of 800 yards or more, your spotting scope images are shown with excellent sharpness and clarity.

The 30x wide version of this eyepiece is designed to be used with the same Kowa TSN-880 or TSN-770 series. The 30x magnification provides you with a field of view ranging from the close distance of 128 feet up to 1000 yards. This version has an eye relief of 20 mm.

Whether you use it for your straight or angled Kowa spotting scopes, a long range eyepiece is an essential accessory. All three eyepiece versions are easy to install, which is excellent since you can use them right out of the box with your Kowa spotting scopes.

You simply push in the eyepiece and adjust the zoom. It fits securely to the spotting scope. Now, you’re ready to use your scope out in the field. If you’d like to remove it, then pull it out again to detach.

One negative about the Kowa Long Eye Relief Eyepiece is that it is more expensive than the Kowa Zoom eyepiece. It has better optics technology for longer ranges, which increases the price.

Things We Liked

  • Ideal for long range shooting or birdwatching from 128 to 1000 yards.
  • Three different magnification settings.
  • Eyepiece locking device is include to secure the eyepiece in place.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Higher price due to the better optics.

Final Verdict

Kowa is the great brand for spotting scope. It has a awesome features and stylish design. It is the first choose for all spotting lover. Here we write top 5 best kowa spotting scope reviews. It will help you to select best spotting scope in you budget and demand.

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