Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope Review

vortex diamondback spotting scopeVortex Diamondback Spotting Scope well known for delivering outstanding performance. They come in 20-60×80 and 20-60×60, with angled or straight pieces.

If you are looking for a heavyweight performer that comes in a light, compact package, we recommend that you select the angled models.

In this page, we take a closer look at everything you need to know about vortex diamondback 20-60×60, and 20-60×80 angled spotting scopes.

Features of Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope

1. Body Style

i. Dimension and Weight

The 20-60×80 vortex diamond spotting scope comes in a perfect length, 14.8” and weighs 47.01 oz while the 20-60×60 is 14.0″ long and weighs only 33.802.

ii. Shape

The angled body design allows for an overall lower mounting height which maximizes stability in wind. It makes it easier to walk up to the spotting scope and just peer in without having to raise it right up to your eyes. This offers greater comfort when glassing for extended periods and also permits the use smaller/lighter tripods. It’s also the most compatible design for use with car window mounts.

iii. Exterior

Both scopes feature ArmorTek ultra hard, scratch resistant exterior that also protects the exterior lenses from fingerprints, dirt, and oil. The tough polycarbonate body makes them lightweight yet rugged, ensuring durability. Your scope will be able to stand up to rough uses in the field.

iv. Sunshade

Bright days can affect your viewing, and this interferes with serious hunting sessions. Vortex Optics spotting scope features built-in sunshade that reduces glare and shields the objective lens from snow, rain drops, and mechanical damage and guards it against soiling by fingerprints and precipitation.

v. Mounting

You are free to mount the spotting scope on a car window mount or a sturdy tripod. The built-in tripod mounts would easily attach to most tripods and quick release plates for steady views. Note that the tripod foot attaches to any tripod or car window mount that uses 1/4 x 20 screw threads.

vi. Waterproofing

Neutral pressure nitrogen purging is what guarantees waterproofing as well as fog proofing in any vortex  spotting scope. The entire spotting scope is also O-RING sealed which prevents not only moisture but also debris and dust from penetrating it. If you are searching for a scope that can withstand the elements at any elevation and offer reliable performance in all environments, Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope should be your first choice.

vortex diamondback spotting scope

2. Optics/Objective Lens

Diamond optics guarantee bright images throughout the magnification range. You are guaranteed of superior resolution and clarity. Moreover, the lens feature lens cover that protects them when the spotting scope is in use.

3. Magnification

Diamondback spotting scopes comes with excellent magnification that allows for observing a wide field of view at lower power and viewing distant details of the target at higher power. The 20-60×60 model features 20-60 power zoom eyepiece while the 20-60×80 version offers a magnification of 20—80X. These magnification ranges make the scopes versatile for almost all types of viewing. You are guaranteed of genuine edge to edge coverage and up-close looks of the subject even if it is leaving your field of view.

4. Prism

Dielectric Prism Coating (multi-layer prism coating) provides you with bright, clear, color-accurate image and excellent subject detail. The BAK 4 Porro Prism Glass enables users to see upright and identical images of the target object. Note that BAK 4 glass is superior to BK—7 glass that’s mostly used on cheaper models of spotting scopes.

5. Optical Coating

Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scopes are fully multi-coated for excellent light gathering capability. The proprietary coatings, (XR antireflective coating) increases light transmission on all air-to-glass surfaces, enabling the spotting scope to deliver incredible image details with extremely high resolution. This means that whether you’ll decide to use the spotting scope early in the morning, late at night or in bright sunlight, you’ll still have an amazing experience.

6. Optical Stats

i. Eye Relief

Vortex Optics Diamondback Scope offers a generous eye relief.

  • 20-60×80: 20-16.5mm.
  • 20-60×60: 17-14mm.

ii. Field of View (1000 yards/degree)

Finding targets is much easier and quicker, thanks to the scope’s wide field of view.

  • 20-60×80: 105-51’/2.0-1.0 degrees.
  • 20-60×60: 114-51 ‘/ 2.2-1 .0 degrees.

iii. Minimum Focus Distance

The close focus distance of Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scopes are excellent. In fact, they are less than many of competitors models.

  • 20-60×80: 22.’
  • 20-60×60: 20.’

1. Exit Pupil Stats:

  • 20-60×80: 4-1.3mm.
  • 220-60×60: 3-1mm.

7. Accessories

Once you place your order, the package comes with the following;

  • Your desired size of Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope.
  • Eyepiece cap.
  • Objective lens cover.
  • A view-through carries case.

A Few Considerable Drawbacks are:

1. User Friendliness:

  • The tripod mount collar allows users to rotate the spotting scope body for better-viewing flexibility when mounting Diamondback on any tripod or car window mount.
  • Magnification levels are easy to change magnification with the help of the smooth “Magnification Adjustment Ring.”
  • The eyecup is also adjustable and twists up and down, allowing you to make precise, intermediate settings and maximize custom fit for comfortable viewing either with or without sunglasses.
  • The focus dial enables you to adjust the fine focus, allowing you to see critical details. You’ll also have a fatigue-free viewing experience.

2. Portability: With the relatively lightweight design, Vortex Optics spotting scopes are generally portable. You’ll be able to easily travel with them.

3. Portability: With the relatively lightweight design, Vortex Optics spotting scopes are generally portable. You’ll be able to easily travel with them.

4. Cost Effectiveness: The spotting scopes are offered at affordable prices which keep them within reach of virtually every hunter, shooter, etc. So if you are currently operating on a tight budget, you can still own an efficient, capable and top-rated spotting scope.

5. Warranty: Your purchase is backed up by an unconditional, unlimited lifetime warranty. You can be sure that in the event that your Diamondback spotting scopes become defective or damaged, Vortex Optics will either repair or replace it at no charge. This gives you a peace of mind while placing your order.


  • The package doesn’t include a tripod.


In consideration of every point covered in this article, it’s evident that Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope (angled models) is one of the best spotting scopes available in the market. They come with attractive features, which offer amazing benefits to users. If you really enjoy hunting, wildlife photography or star gazing this is all you need. Place your order on the leading retail store, (Amazon) and get the vortex optics spotting scope at the best price.

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