How to Clean Spotting Scope Lens

Spotting scope lens’ are delicate pieces of equipment and care must be taken when cleaning it. If you are too aggressive you can end up damaging the lens and risk it becoming useless. You must clean the lens delicately, taking precaution when doing so. Firstly, you must remove any dust and debris from the lens. Take pride in how your spotting scope lens looks and you will get more out of it in the long run.

How to Clean Spotting Scope Lens​

Use your vision to see if anything is obstructing any part of the equipment which could be removed. Do this with a gentle blower or a brush with soft edges. This is to ensure that you do not scratch the lens while in the process of cleaning. A blower is the best way to clean your camera as it is low impact and minimises the chance of damage compared to other forms of cleaning. If you can get your hands on an air blower your lens will thank you. This will lead to a longer lasting spotting scope lens

Next you should obtain some cleaning solution from a reputable seller. This must be something that will not cause staining because that will hamper the performance of the spotting scope lens. Dampen the lens with a cleaning cloth while being careful not to use too much solution. This is because it will cause unnecessary time for your lens to dry and cause the solution to be wasted too. Using circular motions apply the cloth to the lens until the lens is as clear as when purchased. Avoid the use of a streaking motion as this will create more smudges.

How to Clean Spotting Scope Lens

Ensure that you remove any oily fingerprints and muck that may have reached your lens while working. These will be the most damaging to your lens so it is essential that this is prevented. You can minimise the impact of these by increasing the amount you wash your hands. Make sure you carry hand sanitiser to minimise the amount of cleaning you have to do. Avoid putting your lens in dirty places or where there is a chance for it to pick up grime.

Avoid over-cleaning your scope lens as this can actually cause more trouble than it is worth. Many times people have damaged their camera by being too focused on removing dust that is harmful. The essential part of any cleaning routine should be to optimise quality for viewing purposes. Next should be to promote good hygiene as this is also important as you will be exposing your scope lens to different environments.

It is not complicated to have a clean lens that will produce the best benefit for your viewing capabilities. Prevention is the best form of care and by doing this you will be minimising the time and effort you spend actually cleaning. If you do pick up some dirt along the way, don’t panic. Often times if you follow the advice lined out above there should be no issues as regards to your scope lens health.

Watch out for any scenarios which could pose a threat to the condition of your spotting scope lens. Make sure you use the appropriate cleaning materials and don’t short change yourself by being too aggressive. It may seem like a good idea initially but you are causing more problems for yourself in the long run.

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